To request an account for most of these services, ask on Slack #welcome and tag @alexfoias. He will either create one or direct you to where to get the account created.

Accounts OverviewΒΆ

Account Description
GitHub See Accounts: GitHub below
Slack See Accounts: Slack below
Zoom No account is necessary. For (most) lab meetings, we use this link.
Google Groups The group doubles as a mailing list:, archived at Event announcements go out to this list.
Google Lab account We have a Google lab account. Contact @alexfoias on slack to obtain the credentials.
CAS (Central Authentication Service)

Usually, this will be provisioned at the same time and with the same username and password as GRAMES, but they are not otherwise linked.

To access the VPN (

To access the HR/payroll/tax system at

To manage where your forwarding address, unless you have an email account.

If you have wifi-access, to access eduroam. (

To access

To change your password:

Email Account

If you have been given a full email account. Your username is your email address “” and your password is the same as for CAS.

Use the webmail at either: (employees) (students)

For a phone/desktop app:

Your incoming (IMAP) mail server is: “”.

Your outgoing (SMTP) mail server is: “”.

And here are the IT department’s instructions on configuring your email client.
To change your password:

GRAMES domain

To access computing infrastructure, like servers and lab workstations.

To change your password: use <GRAMES_PASSWORD> from a machine on the domain:

user@laptop $ ssh <GRAMES_USERNAME>


GRAMES passwords expire every few months.


To access internal datasets on git+ssh://

Access is by ssh key, not by a password.


You will need a personal GitHub account. If you want to separate your NeuroPoly work from your personal work, make a separate GitHub account.

You should be added to by an admin.

You may also be added to:

You may also be added to certain private repositories one-by-one depending your what tasks you take on, though we try to minimize this by doing most of our work in the open.

SlackΒΆ, the daily chat app, and way to connect with the team. You will get an invite to your email address to get you started. A quick-start guide to Slack can be found here.

You should start out in

  • #welcome

  • #general

  • #random

  • #coffeebreak

Most projects have specific channels:

  • #axondeepseg

  • #sct_dev

  • #ivado-internal

  • #qmrlab_general

  • #database_mri and #database_histo

  • #shimming-toolbox

  • #spine-generic

Depending on your role, you may want to join some of these optional skill-sharing channels:

  • #dev

  • #deeplearning

  • #bids