YouTube Procedure

YouTube Procedure#

To publish a seminar or other meeting held by the lab:

  1. Ask the organizer to record the meeting.

  2. Once the meeting is done, ask the organizer to forward you the download link for the video.

  3. Download the video and open it in QuickTime player.

  4. Trim clip using QuickTime player: Edit - Trim. Select the appropriate start and end time.

    A general rule is to cut out the discussions at the end of the presentation.

  5. Save the file to your computer.

  6. Open YouTube Studio to the appropriate channel:

    You need to be logged in with a Google account that is a YouTube manager, i.e. part of the channel’s β€œBrand Account”, which means you need to be onboarded.

  7. Upload video.

  8. Add description identifying the title and author.

    Please indicate in description the date when the presentation took place. Use the first slide of the presentation as the thumbnail. Select the appropriate playlist if applicable.

  9. Publish the video as unlisted.

  10. Send the generated url to the PI and the presenter to validate with them that the video satisfies the quality criteria.

  11. Once you have the approval, change the visibility to public.