🧲 MRI Scanning#

MRI facilities#

A list of MRI facilities accessible to NeuroPoly members is available here.

Book the scanner and log in the google calendar#

If you book the MRI, please use the β€œNeuropoly - MRI” google cal. Create an event in the gcal, with:

  • Event name: scan session name, as will be entered on the console (eg, if your scan is acdc_spine_7t_033p, call the even the same)

  • Event description: Write a description into the logbook (see below) and link that entry, then add location (MNI, UNF, etc)

  • Invities: if other people are joining you in the scan session, invite them as a courtesy/reminder

Details to book an MRI scanner are given in the specific MRI sub-section.


During scanning, please keep a log of your experiment:


If you scan at UNF, you also need to fill up the UNF log book, which you can access from the UNF’s reservation booking form under the link β€œLink to logbook” if you are an operator. If you are not an operator, ask the person who operated the scan to fill the logbook or to send you the link to the logbook to fill it. It is important to fill the log book the day of the scan.

Pay a participant?#

  • Have the participant fill this compensation form (the editable document is located here).

  • Pay the participant via Interac transfer or cash, or ask Alexandru Foias to do the payment. The person doing the payment will have to complete the compensation form.

  • The person doing the payment can be reimbursed by sending the compensation form to dge.sec-biomedical@polymtl.ca. Note that you can ask to be reimbursed multiple payments at once (more time efficient).\


Check our internal ethics documents (requires NeuroPoly credentials).