Campus Access#

Please advise one of the PIs before arriving for the first time on campus in order to organize the logistics together.#

Campus Map#

Lab rooms at Polytechnique#

As a NeuroPoly lab member, the majority of your time at Polytechnique will be spent in one of two main rooms, depending on the focus of your work:

  • L-5613: Primarily for those working on RF/hardware/shimming projects.

  • L-5626: Primarily for those working on image analysis/deep learning projects.

There are also separate rooms for servers (L-7944.A) and printers (L-5619). Some of these doors require codes to access, these can be found in the Internal Document.

Desk/computer access#

Desk access is given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once you find a seat that you like, please put your name somewhere (e.g. on a sheet of paper) so we know that a desk has been claimed.

If you work on a personal laptop and need desktop equipment (a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.) please contact your supervisor. If instead you need to be provided a workstation (e.g. iMac), please consult the List of Computing Resources document, then pick a workstation that is not being used by another lab member.

The list of free desks can be found here.

Affiliation with Mila#

For Julienโ€™s students working on AI projects, you could request an affiliation at Mila. Advantages include: French course, access to Mila facility (open space, infrastructure), and for networking with AI students.

To request an affiliation for interns/postdocs, ask Julien to fill up this form.

To request an affiliation for graduate students, send request to:

Requirements for room access#

To be able to access the lab rooms, you will need a Polytechnique card and to activate it for the specific rooms you wish to access. To activate it, please follow the onboarding procedure.

COVID-19 Protocol#

In addition to the above requirement, please also complete the following steps specific to COVID-19:

  • Check-in with your supervisor if you have any plans to come on campus, as you will need to be authorized first.

  • Read over the NeuroPoly Lab Reopening guide to learn about the mandatory training procedures that are necessary for returning to the lab.

  • Check the pinned messages in the #covid-19 channel on NeuroPolyโ€™s Slack for the most up-to-date info, as the situation is likely to change as the pandemic evolves.

WiFi Access: Eduroam#

As part of your PolyMTL CAS account (, you are granted access to the โ€˜eduroamโ€™ network across campuses internationally. Setting up a connection to this network requires additional steps beyond just logging in. For more information on how to log into eduroam, please visit the โ€˜Computer Setup - Eduroamโ€™ page.