Campus Access

Please advise one of the PIs or Alexandru Foias before arriving for the first time on campus in order to organize the logistics together.

Lab rooms at Polytechnique

As a NeuroPoly lab member, the majority of your time at Polytechnique will be spent in one of two main rooms, depending on the focus of your work:

  • L-5613: Primarily for those working on RF/hardware/shimming projects.

  • L-5626: Primarily for those working on image analysis/deep learning projects.

There are also separate rooms for servers (L-7944.A), printers (L-5619), as well as Julien Cohen-Adad’s office (L-5610) and Nicola Stikov’s office (L-5608). Some of these doors require codes to access, these can be found in the Internal Document.

Desk/computer access

Desk access is given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once you find a seat that you like, please put your name somewhere (e.g. on a sheet of paper) so we know that a desk has been claimed.

If you work on a personal laptop and need desktop equipment (a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.) please contact Julien Cohen-Adad. If instead you need to be provided a workstation (e.g. iMac), please consult the List of Computing Resources document, then pick a workstation that is not being used by another lab member.

Requirements for room access

To be able to access the lab rooms, you will need to activate your Polytechnique card for the specific rooms you wish to access. To activate it, please contact and CC If you are a new employee, please follow the onboarding procedure to obtain your ID card.

COVID-19 Protocol

In addition to the above requirement, please also complete the following steps specific to COVID-19:

  • Check-in with Julien Cohen-Adad if you have any plans to come on campus, as you will need to be authorized first.

  • Read over the NeuroPoly Lab Reopening guide to learn about the mandatory training procedures that are necessary for returning to the lab.

  • Check the pinned messages in the #covid-19 channel on NeuroPoly’s Slack for the most up-to-date info, as the situation is likely to change as the pandemic evolves.