MNI/McGill (7T Terra)#

Book the scanner#

Download the data#

Extensive list of BIC how-to information:

Short version:

  1. Login to BIC server (you need to ask for an account in the first place):

  2. Type “find_mri sessionname”, where MRIID is the name of your scan session (for example acdc_spine_7t_049p)

  3. Note down the full path of the sessionname under /data/transfer/dicom/sessionname_X_X (for example, /data/dicom/acdc_spine_7t_049p_20220923_111852672)

  4. Claim the data as yours: “find_mri -claim sessionname”

  5. Exit the ssh session

  6. Use scp or rsync or Filezilla to download that data.

    Using scp:

    scp -r ~/local/direction/path

    For our example, that would be:

    scp -r /Users/username/local/path/to/data
  7. Zip the data and put them on duke under mri/projectname if not already there.