MATLAB is installed on some internal machines (but not yet all). If you install MATLAB on your local machine, download the institutional license from duke, at duke:/public/software/matlab/license_laboslicsent.dat and use it to activate your copy. Thereafter, you must be connected to the VPN when using MATLAB because it is a network license, meaning the school runs a licensing server, behind the VPN, that authenticates your right to use MATLAB.


Here is an example of how to display and print a figure:

h_fig = figure
set(h_fig,'position',[500,100,800,350]); % set position and size of the figure
h_axes = axes('FontSize',14,'FontName','arial'); % font size of the axis
plot(inspF(i,:)','r','linewidth',2), hold on
grid % display grid
xlim([0 18]); % set limimts for X-coordinate
ylim([-400 100]);
set(h_axes,'XTick',(1:17)); % number of partitions for X-coordinate
set(h_axes,'XTickLabel',{'Brain';'BS';'C1';'C2';'C3';'C4';'C5';'C6';'C7';'T1';'T2';'T3';'T4';'T5';'T6';'T7';'T8'}); % name of X-coordinate
set(h_fig,'PaperPositionMode','auto'); % for print --> uses the resolution that appears on your screen
xlabel('Vertebral level')
ylabel('Field (Hz)')
title(['Subject ',num2str(i)])


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Yosemite Issue #

Updating Mac OSX to Yosemite causes issues to run MATLAB. Indeed, you won’t be able to run Matlab due to some Java requirements. Mathworks released a patch to fix this issue that is available Here. Follow the instructions in README file to install it.