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American Technical Ceramics

Voltronics Seller : Zully Aldina from RF spectrum zully@rf-spectrum.com



  • Rogers

    • Product: 3003, 3006, 3850

    • they offer free samples: say that you are from the university

  • Candor Industries. They are located in North Toronto, and here is their website:http://candorind.com/

  • Advanced Circuits, Aurora, CO, USA

  • PolyGRAMES technical shop

    • fixed a limit dimension for the substrate at 8 x 8 inches.

    • The recommended thickness of the substrate is 5 mils, due to its higher deformation resistance than 2 or 3 mils.

    • Good thickness of copper: 0.5 oz โ€“> this corresponds to the weight of 1ร—1 foot layer of copper (corresponds to 0.17 um).

  • Dupont

    • Product: Kapton, Pyralux (polymide material)