🧩 EDI#

NeuroPoly is deeply committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Accordingly, we encourage lab members to explore the literature regarding EDI, consult relevant educational materials, and to raise these topics for discussion during group meetings. Below you will find a list of resources/materials. If you come across others that you would like to see listed here, please add them by editing this page on GitHub.

Harvard Implicit Association Test#

This is a tool that allows us to discover hidden cognitive biases. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) was developed by Project Implicit, a non-profit organization and international, collaborative, network of researchers that study implicit social cognition (thoughts or feelings that are largely outside of conscious awareness and control). You can choose to take an IAT from a list of various topics (ex: skin tone, gender-career, disability) by visiting the following page.

White Papers#

The Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WWEST) of Simon Fraser University has created various infographics/posters to educate the STEM community on a range of issues, such as; how to create a more diverse and empowered STEM workforce and issues of EDI in STEM. Below is an example. For more, visit the following page.