Imaging phantoms, or just phantoms for short, are specially designed objects which are placed in the imaging field of the medical imager (e.g. MRI) to evaluate, analyze, and calibrate the machine. You can read more about them here: Wikipedia: Imaging Phantom.


Recipe from UNF#

Quantities per 1000ml of distilled water :

3.75g/l of NiSO4x6H2O and 5g/l of NaCl

Recipe from LIOM (used at ICM)#

Quantities per 1000ml of distilled water :

1.25g/l of CuSO4 and 5.3g/l of NaCl

This is what Agilent mixes up when they make the solution in house – they add surfactant to the β€œofficial” solution.

Without a surfactant, the copper sulfate quickly sediments to the bottom.

Recipe from Nibardo#

Quantities per 1000ml of distilled water :

1.95g/l CuSO4 x 5H2O + 3.9g/l NaCl

Relaxation times @ 4 MHz (~ 0.01 T):

T1 = 78 ms
T2 = 55 ms

CuSO4 –> Paramagnetic agent NaCl –> To bring solution conductivity close to tissue values

CuSO4 and NiCl2 are used as paramagnetic agents (conductivities are 1160 uSi/cm and 1790 uSi/cm respectively).