UNF (3T Prisma)#

More details on the UNF website: https://unf-montreal.ca/en/documentation/facility/mri/

Finding participants#

Check our internal list of participants (requires NeuroPoly credentials).

Filling MRI eligibility form#

Have your participant fill the MRI eligibility form, which is accessible once the MRI slot is booked (the person who booked the scanner knows how to access this form).

Access to UNF#

Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Kqj3JimAtPWZowc1A

GitHub NeuroPoly: Siemens Recon

Download the data#

See info here: https://unf-montreal.ca/documentation/your_data/download_data/

Data for NeuroPoly group are located under: elm:/unf/dicoms/by_groups/neuropoly/

Reconstruct raw data#

GitHub NeuroPoly: Siemens Recon