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NeuroPoly’s conference folder is on google drive.

List of Conferences

Machine Learning:



  • OHBM


Medical Conferences:




  • 2015 June 14-18, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

  • 2016 June 26-30, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 2017 June 11-15, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • 2018 June 10-14, Seoul, South Korea

  • 2019 June 8-14, Rome, Italy

  • 2020, Montreal, Canada

  • 2021, June 21-25, Virtual


  • 2015 Oct 5-9, Munich, Germany

  • 2016 Oct 17-21, Athens, Greece

  • 2017 Sept 10-14, Quebec City, QC, Canada

  • 2018 Sept 16-20, Granada, Spain

  • 2019 TBD, Hong Kong, China

  • 2020 TBD, San Miguel, Lima, Peru


  • 2015 Oct 7-10, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2016 Sept 14-17, London, UK

  • 2017 Oct 25-28, Paris, France

  • 2018 Oct, Berlin, Germany

  • 2019 Sept, Stockholm, Sweden


  • 2017 Apr 18-21, Melbourne, Australia


Create Draft

Share with Authors

To send at least one week before the deadline:

Email title:


Email body:

Dear collaborators,

It is our pleasure to share with you the latest draft of our <CONFERENCE NAME> abstract:


Please use “Suggesting mode” (top right button) if you would like to make changes or add comments. If possible, please sign in with your Google account so that changes are nominative. Please make modifications no later than <DEADLINE MINUS_ONE DAY>.

Kind regards,

Upload on the website:

  • Affiliations

  • Presentation format:

    • First choice: oral

    • Second choice: poster (traditional or electronic)

  • Apply for stipend:

  • Send formatted versions to all co-authors before submitting


Please use templates for presentations:


For the visibility of the lab, please use this template in Keynote or PowerPoint format.

How to do a poster?

What size should my poster be?

The template provided might not be the right size for you. The size of your poster depends on the conference requirements (usually listed on their website, or given to you by email). Typically you want to print ~ 5cm smaller to make sure it fits on the board.

Important: respect the proportion of your poster when you export it to pdf. Do not add white bands on the side. E.g., if your poster is set to 1000×2000 voxels, then export to pdf with a ratio of 1:2.

If you wish to use your poster for several conferences, then print it in a way so that it fits the requirement of each conference (e.g. if Conference #1 asks for 30x20 inches and Conference #2 asks for 25x28 inches, then print your poster at 23x18 inches).

The reprography allows any size under 60 inches.

Where to print your poster?

Go to: Polytechnique Montreal Reprography, 2nd floor, main building.

Order directly online using the form (pay upon receipt): http://www.polymtl.ca/reprographie/

How to pay?

They only accept cash. You have two payment options:

  1. You pay cash when you get your poster and get the refund from the lab afterwards, on conference spending.

  2. You fulfill the form “Demande au centre de reprographie” available at Marie-Claude Nadeau office (M-5405) and give it when you get your poster.

QR Code on the poster

Public access to the Spinal Cord Toolbox on SourceForge can be provided on the poster using this QR Code (download the original image (1000×1000) to add to your poster):


The typical policy of the lab is that you can get your conference subscription reimbursed if you have something to present. If you don’t, please ask your supervisor if they can reimburse the attendance.

You are reimbursed for:

  • registration fees. ⚠️ ‎ The lab will only reimburse the cost of early fee. If you register late, you will have to pay the difference.

    • for ISMRM: make sure to be a student member– it reduces the overall cost of the conference– and make sure to do it ON TIME (not last minute)

  • transport

  • housing

You can be reimbursed by two means:

A priori (travel advance)

Send an email to dge.sec-biomedical at polymtl dot ca and ask them for a travel advance.

The amount of the advance is an estimate of all your eligible conference fees (see above).

Keep all your receipts and bank statement information (if using debit or credit card).

Once the conference is over, you have one month to claim the refunds.

A posteriori

Keep all your receipts and bank statement information(if using debit or credit card).

Once the conference is over, send an email to dge.sec-biomedical at polymtl dot ca with all your receipts.

N.B. You can not be reimbursed for expenses incurred before the conference. If you wish, ask for a travel advance.