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This server is only maintained for old projects. Please DO NOT use it if you are starting a new project.

Full address: {smb,afp}://

The shared folders (hosted on django) are:

  • folder_shared –> used to shared files, documents, etc. Permission: R+W. Backed-up nightly.

  • matlab_shared –> Various MATLAB scripts. Permission: R. Backed-up nightly.

  • data_processing –> Used for processing data. Please clean your files after use! Permission: R+W. NOT BACKED-UP

To access these folders, here’s the procedure:

  1. CMD+K

  2. type: afp://

  3. select the mount point (e.g., data_shared)

  4. now if you want to make an alias on your desktop, in Finder select the mounted drive and drag/drop it on your Desktop, while pressing keys ALT+CMD


Some VirtualBox machines are accessible under folder_shared/virtual_box (this folder is read-only. For adding more, please contact Julien):

  • WinXP_IDEA –> Siemens pulse sequence program environment

  • WinXP_Terranova –> Prospa software for Terranova MRI